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Warm up your favorite room with the beauty of a Kingsman Gas Fireplace. Made In Canada.

Check out a few of the Kingsman Fireplaces below:

Zero Clearance Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
Enjoy the elegance and warmth of glowing embers and dancing flames around our traditional oak log set. It is sure to be the focal point of your home. Choose from a variety of decorative options to create your own distinctive appearance and be assured of complete safety, comfort and long lasting value. With a fully sealed combustion chamber there is no pollution spillage to depreciate the indoor air quality of your home.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert
Convert your wood burning fireplace to gas, for a new standard of warmth, beauty, safety and convenience.

Free Standing Direct Vent Gas Stove
A safe and efficient heating appliance with the convenience of gas.
The FDV451 Direct Vent Model provides sealed combustion where it draws outside air for combustion. This model can be vented either horizontally or vertically.

Zero Clearance Outdoor Gas Fireplace
The perfect way to enhance enjoyment of any outdoor space. Satin Coat with a Black Paint Finish and stainless steel pull screen. A great alternative when covering the front face with brick or other non combustible materials. (Satin coat steel is pretreated with a zinc coating for corrosion resistance and paint adhesion.) Stainless steel firebox, front and pull screens. Stainless steel provides a clean, contemporary and weather-resistant finish so that you can enjoy your fireplace for years to come.

Outdoor Fire Pits
Create your own design around your fire pit using non-combustible materials. Outdoor fire pits can be installed on top of wood decks or patios, 24″ clearance to side walls. Allow 7 feet clearance from top of fire pit to any ceiling.

Continental® Fireplaces are products designed to give consumers lasting comfort. Created with care and precision, Continental provides home owners with reliable , innovative and clean burning heating solutions.


Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

The Continental CB36 gas fireplace simple yet sophisticated design provides every comfort a homeowner needs to create a relaxing environment. The shallow depth allows for versatile installations where space is at a premium, also ideal for corner applications. An approved safety barrier comes standard, meeting current safety standards.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Product Support
Replace your drafty old fireplace with the Continental CBI360 gas fireplace insert. The CBI360 is specifically designed to fit smaller wood burning zero clearance fireplaces and comes complete with a heat activated variable speed blower system. The CBI360 has many decorative options to create any look you desire.

Direct Vent Gas Stoves

Here is the perfect blend of traditional design and advanced gas performance. The Continental CDVS600 gas stove allows you to express your style and capture a look of elegance while at the same time, provides a comfortable range from 21,000 BTU’s to a hearth warming 35,000 BTU’s. Direct vent converts easily from top to rear vent.

Wall Hanging Electric Fireplaces

Change the look of an entire room simply by hanging Continental’s CEFL50FH Continental Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace on the wall. This electric fireplace pumps out 5,000 BTU’s and will easily heat a room that is up to 400 sq. ft. Control heat output, flame height and brightness, and flame color with the touch of a button. Hang this electric fireplace with ease on the wall of any room. There is no need for gas fitters or other expensive installation professionals. This electric fireplace won’t intrude on your space thanks to the ultra slim, 5-inch depth. Placing Cont...

Wall Hanging Electric Fireplaces

Create a stunning focal point with Continental's Vertical 38 Electric Fireplace. Available in two sizes, this fireplace is not just perfect for any room but for EVERY room! The vertical design hosts a collection of features including an LED ember bed, flames and side accent lights with more than 6 color options. Operable with or without heat allows you to enjoy this statement piece all year round no matter the season. Making a grand statement that is as functional as it is beautiful has never been easier than with this trend setting fireplace.

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Types of Fireplaces Avalable:

  • Gas
  • Propane
  • Electric
  • Free Standing Stoves
  • Inserts
  • Direct vent
  • Wood burning
  • Outdoor fire pits, fire tables fireplaces 
  • Multi Sided & See Thru models
  • And more...
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