Whole-House Generators

Briggs and Stratton® Generators

With a Briggs and Stratton® generator system you’ll be able to keep your home and family safe during those nasty power outages. Compact, effective, and efficient, our generators come in these affordable sizes: 12kW and 16-20kW. Depending on your needs, we can help you decide which one is right for your home.

12kW Fortress™ Standby Generator

The 12kW Fortress is petite and powerful; designed to fit into small spaces while providing your electronics with the oomph they require to function during an outage.


  • 60 percent quieter than previous12kW models
  • 50 percent smaller than previous12kW models
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Contains a commercial-grade Briggs and Stratton® Vanguard engine
  • Has a corrosion-resistant base and enclosure
  • Can be placed up to 18” from the home
  • Runs on the Symphony® II PowerManagement System
  • Uses quality, clean power to protect electronics
12kW Fortress™ Standby Generator.
12kW Fortress™ Standby Generator.

16-20kW Steel Standby Generators

The 16-20kW Standby Generators are more robust versions of their 12kW cousin. These models are ideal for homes that are medium to large in size, yet they also function well on smaller lots.


  • Contains a commercial-grade Briggs and Stratton® Vanguard engine
  • Has rust-resistant, durable, and Galvanneal steel enclosures
  • Responds to power outages in seconds
  • Can be placed up to 18” from the home
  • Includes five-year parts and a three-year labour limited warranty
  • Runs on the Symphony® II Power
    Management System
  • Uses quality, clean power to protect electronics

The following accessories are also available on the 16-20kW models:

  • Cold weather kit
  • Infohub Wireless Monitoring
  • Maintenance kit
16-20kW Steel Standby Generator.

Introducing the Symphony® II Power Management System

With the new Briggs & Stratton Symphony® II Power Management System, power outages don’t have to be stressful. Highly customizable, the Symphony® II is an affordable, whole-house generator that automatically manages the power needs of your home’s electrical devices, including high-wattage appliances such air conditioning units and electric stoves. This gives your family uninterrupted power when you need it the most.

Benefits and Features

The Symphony® II is at the top of its class because it…

  • Actively manages and oversees power usage to prevent generator overload
  • Efficiently directs backup power anywhere in your house
  • Allows you to prioritize the use of up to eight high-wattage devices
  • Can be custom-installed to meet your changing power needs
  • Is smaller and less cumbersome than larger generators
  • Offers reduced fuel and installation costs
Symphony® II Transfer Switch.
Symphony® II Module.

How the Symphony® II Power Management System Works

  1. During a power outage, the transfer switch senses it and notifies the generator to switch your home to backup power. This maintains your home’s fundamental power needs.
  2. The Symphony® II assesses its own power output and automatically turns on high-wattage appliances as power becomes available for use.
  1. The Symphony® II will wait for the excess power needs of robust appliances, like central AC units, to dissipate before turning on other high-wattage devices.
  2. The Symphony® II will automatically connect your home to utility power upon its restoration. The generator will then continue to monitor your home’s connection to this utility power to prepare for future outages.

Symphony® II Transfer Switch Options

Common Features: 2 Poles, 60Hz Frequency, Nema 3R, UL 1008 Listed
Power Management: Whole-House, Symphony® II Power Management System
Remote Power Modules Supported (sold separately): Unlimited lock-outs
Power Management Monitor (sold separately): Plug-in style, provides constant status of system and controlled loads/appliances
Amps: 100A or 200A
Voltage: 120V/240V
Service Entrance Disconnect: Yes

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